The Kucadikadi, a band of Northern Paiute, are the people indigenous to the Mono Lake area. Among other crafts and practices, they are known for basket-weaving. When I lived in Yosemite, Julia Parker demonstrated this weaving several days a week at the Yosemite Valley museum. She learned to weave from her husband's grandmother, Lucy Telles, the most famous Yosemite Miwok/Kucadikadi basket-weaver of the 20th century. 

Lucy Telles introduced polychromatic baskets to the tradition, creating black dye from bracken fern root and red dye from redbud twigs. Borrowing designs from other tribes, her baskets accreted traditions of organization and repetition as they grew larger and larger. 

Lucy Telles with the largest basket she created

I worked between the museum and the archive in Yosemite, so I was often there when Julia was weaving. Once when I asked her how long it took to make a basket, she replied "I make a basket."