Sadness of Microtonality 1.1

"The smell of chlorine reminds me"

Sadness of Necrotonality -1.1 (Triple Kill)

i sit in west germany at the door w my friend and while he’s writing something in his notebook 
i keep looking at the poster of something happening at the close by monarch(s).
i haven’t been there for years and nowadays when i read the name(1) 
i think of one of my favorite ygo card archetypes with the same(2) name(3).
i still play them even tho they brick brick brick a lot, 
i almost like that they brick
and at the last tournament …

… a fellow monarchs player agreed (i think).
the very same day (tourney not west germany)
2 boys said something abt kw and i thought
something something gallery weekend
but in fact they life at/around königs
wusterhausen (KW), but they 
funny enough
machen eine Ausbildung zum Grafiker
in Potsdam.

my most popular track on sc(2)
ACTUALLY  is based on nostalgia
i have(had) 
for a track they played
at the stunt show at Film Park
inside a pappmache

i should go more often to gallery openings
they feel like ygo tourneys 
maybe ygo tourneys feel more colorful
but not in gender terms (dazu später noch etwas)
ich habe nen Eisenbahn fahrer auch schonmal auf so einen event getroffen.
(bin auch mit ihm denke ich noch auf Facebook befreundet)
i wonder actually if ygo duel links could have had the same impact as pokego #fuckonami

if i wanna play cards virtually
there is two options:
automatic (ygopro percy)
manual (duelingbook)
(not duel links)
recently i had to change from automatic,
where i mostly play against meh ai,
to manual cause i can play goat format on it
which is basically playing with cards released till around april 2005.
its very close to the time where i stopped playing ygo last, sometimes around
der 2006 fussball wm in Deutschland.

i like the level of trust u have to have in the manual duel simulators.
u communicate more, make more mistakes too. it feels more real.
and i kinda started playing ygo irl again for very similar reasons
once i played a tourney or two.
the human interaction, the physical presence of both players
and all the participants around (us)
yet the game we play seems very current in a way
like as if we play a video game. (it is…)
i actually didn’t win a single match at the last tourney
but i still had fun!

i still have to watch these:

im to addicted to /r/yugioh board maybe …

… but i’m scared to miss out the next new big thing in the meta,
i always seem to miss it a little or miscalculate or something.
currently with the true king dino decks 
(deck: the collection of cards u play against each other) 
i didn’t knew its gonna be relatively budget.
until i watched a video that u mainly need 
only 3 of the new dino structure decks (30€) 
(only 3 copies of the same card is allowed in every deck)
would make the core but all the additional cards
spiked (in price).
the ygo card market teached me basic economics, 
funny …

i can’t afford the meta … (p2w)
thats why i go for dino clear wing turbo (feat. jurrac dino)
and (anti-meta)
monarchs (once meta, still bricked (maybe meta again)).
(AND: cardians, first deck felgrand, sometimes ba, chaos turbo/last turn goat net deck! and that majefoes deck 
w/o zoodiacs (rip my wallet?))
but maybe im just thirsty 
for budget decks (rip my wallet!)
i like variety
i guess,
i think,
i don’t know
(there is two types of players (o:)


(source: somewhere here … )

i found one of the spiked cards aeolo (for dino deck (i play jurrac dino))
and some of his brothers (gallim (and dino))
at my lil secret 
2nd hand toy store for much cheaper when the go for online.
i plussed, even tho i feel a little bit bad about it…
still i couldn’t find the 
earth true king card
at the other store 
i sometimes go.
„geplündert“ says
the shop keeper
at the empty
binder pages.

i wish we had mulligan
as practical as bringing
a chair home
by train.

Sadness of Microtonality 1.1 by Nicolas Humbert opened at M.I/mi1glissé on the 10th of December 2015, in Berlin.