Hrefna Hörn Leifsdóttir / Sarah Rosengarten


Spapop lyrics and definition to You ll make it up: We think you

I am your local guide

Its neither my job or my interest to take risks

Hand me your distrust in the environment

I’ll tie you a rope out of it

So much stronger than any of your relationships

around your waist Nicky, 

and back to me

Welcome to Mirabelle’s

I ll make you smile 

before you know 

you re 


Some say it works just by arriving.

I am available for you____ on top of the ice. 

a glass of water and a fresh delight.

This house. Its your house too. 

Just find the button in the palm of your hand.

I will make the fear of fear disappear

by warming up your longsleeves

Please slip into these 

pre warmed by the house’s mother 

Heat- Tec endurance

On top I wear the transformed Miley// On top I wear the transformed Taylor

good girl tried bad // good girl flirting with bad

bleached in the Malibu sand

wind and waterproof outer shell




Keep it down, slow your steps, control your heels and look me in the eyes. 

Please enter 

the spa called soul

I proomise there is a charger to your battery


I am having your back by

rubbing your tummy

Take 10 deep breaths follow me to the bathhouse. 

The glacier's tongue is our ramp

Its the slope

it’s not your stage

There is no wave of background dancers  //There is no army of background dancers

Arriving to catch you // ready to catch you

Crucial is the flight, 

crucial is the high, 

how you get there is how you leave it. 

Dive naked

into a heart shaped pool, 

let your brain feel it is not alone.

Squeeze your own cheeks, your tiny swollen knees

they need you more than you need me.

Are we stretching your limit?

Reaching the top of your limit

My knowledge of wind and weather 

Will swipe you through the storm

// ride you to the top

Don’t ever worry 

when there is a robe waiting 

for you 

on the other side of the sauna. 

Row of rewards up on arriving

Let me have you do it        ------------------------------------.

with my voice in C 

reaching for your amygdala 

Don’t rip your gain by ripping your brain.

I ll do it for you

Steam or dry, 

Kneipp or Whirl, hot stone or Banya, 

let me carry you 

Be carried

Let me 


Spapop is music made from a consistently up-to-date construction kit. It is produced by mixing snippets of highly popular songs as well as nature recordings and their artificial copies. Billboard chart hits are being altered and re-collaged whereby the reference to the “original” is kept audible through voice, melody or lyrics.

The recycling of Pop music is crucial. Turned into Spapop the faux intimacy used in corporate pop formulas takes on new personalities while staying linked to their primary source. The cut-ups, carrying emotional triggers are abstracted and pushed into a state of self-awareness by isolating or extensively repeating parts of the lyrics. They receive a life of their own - new narrations evolve. The remaining familiarity functions as a handle for accessing the new soundscape.

The tracks are - similar to Elevator tunes and mall music - aimed at enabling a mindset or mode of activity to embrace an experience at hand. They are to be played in loops like a mantra and could replace a room, stage or platform. Users are free to adjust the duration of the loop to its specific situational use

The aim of Spapop is to recompose fragments of a daily realm into a crooked place of fiction which offers safety handles from a familiar environment. It is suggesting a travel through unsettling instabilities but offering glimpses of comfort.

The “Spa” in Spapop links to a comparison with (physical) treatment that happens by repetitively undergoing sequences of changing external conditions. In Spapop that condition is the music that cyclically changes in energy. Looped it creates a rhythm of intensity and release which never lasts long enough to make one rest completely.

At the same time the process of working on moldable pop music is resembling the changing pressure of different heat and water consistencies applied to the body.

Hrefna Hörn Leifsdóttir & Sarah Rosengarten
Performance, text, music
First presented in the exhibition Sist u; legs dangling, hands tucked in at Cave3000 and again at Berlin Community Radio: BCR 4th Birthday at the Mall, invited by Bob's Pogo Bar program, curated by Cathrin Mayer and Maurin Dietrich.
Re:issue by the artists and M.I/mi1glissé © the artist